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Outgoing results oriented video production specialist with over 25 years of experience in all areas of production. Proficient in field producing and directing, production management and Content Creation. Skilled photographer, videographer and video editor. Certified Drone Pilot and Drone Video/Photo specialist. I create branded content and social strategy across all social media platforms. B2B service provider, here to help your company produce engaging content to better market your services and products. Planning, Shooting, Editing, Delivering . . . Video. Videocamguy is experienced at working within client guidelines to develop a custom project that is dynamic, effective and maximizes the return-on-investment. These days, more and more video is being produced specifically as web based content and thus, being viewed by a larger audience than ever before. Companies and organizations that didn’t necessarily need video in the past are suddenly finding they do now in order to stay competitive in the online world. If you are new to the video production process, I am here to guide you through everything from initial planning to editing, using best industry practices, I can handle everything your video project may need:
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 (Date: 10/28/2021)
31 Aug, 2021

How will the Government Prioritize Economic Recovery?

As we head into a federal election, the incoming Government needs to be focused on resolving the ongoing economic uncertainty driven by the possibility of rising interest rates and social instability.


Ordering Rapid Antigen Tests, Funding Assistance, Government Response and More

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